Let me do it for you - The internet's obsession with Borzois aka the Long Nose Dog

The Borzoi is the Internet's latest favourite dog. Past winners of the title have included meme worthy breeds like the Shiba Inu (#Dogecoin, #Shiba and other Cryptocurrency related memes), Chihuahuas, the Borzoi itself a few years ago and All Time Favourites like the Husky and Golden Retriever. Netizens have become enamoured by the dog's kind of unreal nose making memes about how it can be used to go to the depths of the earth to search for lost items.


The Borzoi is a Russian Breed developed as a Sighthound, used to hunt wolves. In true Russian Fashion, the word Borzoi is derived from the Russian for "Fast".

The latest explosion in memes (mostly videos /animated short reels) has mostly to do with a sort of haunting yet funny background vocals ("Let me do it for you") played while depicting the Borzoi's attempt at being the most helpful dog ever on the internet.

The Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AsC2gvZvUI

The artist Drawzillaz on Instagram has been able to rake in more than 4 million likes for what I think is the video that caused the latest explosion of love for the Borzoi.


DrawzillaZZZ | Artist on Instagram: “How long can the nose go? #borzoi #longdog #borzoidog #pringles #animationmeme #animated #dogsofinstagram #reels”
4M Likes, 12K Comments - DrawzillaZZZ | Artist (@drawzillazzz) on Instagram: “How long can the nose go? #borzoi #longdog #borzoidog #pringles #animationmeme #animated #dogsofinstagram #reels”

Ever since I heard this song and saw the video, I can’t get enough of these Long Bois (Internet slang for slender dogs).

I think this is a good case study for markers, content makers on how the right combination of "cuteness" paired with an animal bordering on cute and funny with a simple catch phrase "Let me do it for you") can go viral with very little push.

Well, as for me, I just wanted to express my admiration for the meme and process as well as run a small experiment to see whether writing on internet memes would increase traction for my page. This would be the first of many such articles where I experiment with page views and monetization without depending on my subscription list.