Intermittent Fasting - high protein dessert recipe for your sweet cravings

As we enter Part 3 of our Intermittent Fasting series, I thought that I'd tackle an important aspect that people on restrictive diets (all weight loss diets are in a way restrictive so let's not frown upon that term), mainly what to do with those irresistible but downright destructive sweet cravings?

You might remember from the previous 2 articles on Intermittent Fasting

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that I have some strong thoughts about snacking and how it is deeply detrimental towards your weight loss journey.

But hey, we are Human after all....

So how do we tweak this towards our advantage?

The solution is simple. No snacking (you thought I'd break this rule? lol).

But what you can do is include some sweet/dessert in your feeding period. Now the tricky bit is to ensure that this sweet treat helps you meet your macros without compromising with the overall aim of being calorie deficient.

This is where we introduce the 3 Big Boss food items that will help you in making a dessert that will fill you up (with protein) as well as take care of your sweet cravings.

Steps for making Banana Mango Whey Pudding

  1. Take 2-3 scoops of mango flavoured whey protein (you can check out my affiliate link ). Each scoop has around 25 g of protein making it a power packed source for your daily protein intake. One word of caution for first timers. Whey protein may cause some bloating in the fist 1-2 weeks but that should go away. And whey protein is safe to use (many have this misconception about whey bit it is essentially a milk protein). Also, if you have a very sedentary lifestyle, you might want to increase your exercise if you want to truly benefit from whey consumption.
You could go for Muscleblaze's chocolate flavour or other any flavour taht you fancy 

2. Take a couple (based on your requirements and taste) of ripe bananas

Bananananananas !!

3. Some milk (I think you won't need more than 50-75 ml. Adding more than required might make the next steps difficult.

4. Mix all three ingredients slowly in a food processor/mixie. You'll get something like this.


Don't worry if the consistency is a bit runny.

5. Keep the mixture in the freezer till it solidifies to an extent

6. Voila!! Your high protein dessert is ready. And it's a pretty good addition to your diet while fasting.

You can make it more diet friendly by adding fewer bananas or milk and substituting with water. But live a little and go for the recipe I've shared.

Depending on the number of scoops of whey you've added and assuming the finished dish is divided into 4 cups, you can get anything between 12.5 g to 18+ gm of protein per serving. And calorie wise it might be under 200 calories per serve (can go higher depending on the quantity of ingredients and serving size).

So overall a pretty good way to ramp up protein intake while managing the calorie count IMO.

Hope you guys try it out and let me know what you think of it in terms of taste as well as efficacy in helping with your weight loss goals.

One last thing... I think this dish is best enjoyed chilled /frozen and after your dinner. So that you can kill any late night cravings and stick to your fasting cycle.

Note and Disclaimer: Nothing here or in any other article therein on this website is medical advice. These are my musings on intermittent fasting and what I have done to tweak the concept to work for me.