Paneer recipes - Air Fryer Paneer Sandwich

Everyone loves a good sandwich. Something about toasty bread, a hearty filling and some nice cheese makes everyones' heart sing.

This article is essentially a DIY sandwich recipe. And the recipe itself is inspired from multiple Instagram videos that most of us have watched. I have added a few of my own takes and the end result is a surprisingly taste sandwich.

For this recipe, I have made use of an Air Fryer ( since I wanted this to be a calorie conscious exercise.

Time taken from preparation to plating - 1 Hour (Air Frying is time consuming especially if you're cooking for more than 3 people)

Let’s begin

Preparation of the Paneer

  1. Scramble the Paneer and shape it into patty /circular shaped pieces. Make sure it’s a mid-thickness cut. We want it crispy
  2. Blend some old /hard bread into powder. This is our version of panko bread crumbs
  3. Mix 3/4 of packet of corn flakes (75-100 gm) with the bread. This should give a crispier element to the paneer patty. For this recipe, I have used a local brand of flavoured /spicy corn flakes mixture thereby saving me time on spicing up the mixture had I used plain corn flakes. Blend this together to get a grainy dry mix that will be used to coat the Paneer.
The final coating mixture

Sauce Preparation

  1. Cut 2-3 pieces of garlic into fine bits
  2. Blend curd /yoghurt with the cut garlic, coriander leaves and a single green chilly. Season with a bit of salt

Other Preparation

  1. Cut Onions and Tomatoes into round slices

Air Fryer Steps

  1. Pre heat the air fryer at 200 deg C for about 5 min
  2. Put the paneer slabs 2-3 pieces at a time (depends on the size of the slab - Don’t make it too big else the Paneer might break while transferring from air fryer to plate)
  3. Air Fry for a full 12 Minutes. At the half way mark, flip the slabs if required to crisp up both sides of the patty.
  4. Fry till satisfied with the crispiness
The First Batch - Turned out too soft but tasted good
Second Batch - The round shape worked much better and the Paneer Patties were cripsed to perfection

Plating and Eating

  1. The preferred bread would be a toasted baguette or Sourdough
  2. Add the Patty, apply a generous amount of sauce (mine turned out quite watery so it helped that I slathered the patty with the sauce), then the vegetables
  3. Enjoy while hot
Tasted much better than it looks but wanted to showcase the filling of the sandwhich

Note: Cheese is entirely optional. A lot of the flavouring depends on your personal tastes.