Weight Loss Tips - Exercise Habits

In my previous article on Weight Loss Tips (https://www.pradhyumna.com/weight-loss-tips/), I focussed specifically on Food Habits (including an integration with Intermittent Fasting Practises) that can be tweaked to ensure you lost weight quicker.

Now, I will list a few points regarding exercise that will in my experience help you along your journey towards your ideal weight.

  1. Start lifting weights - Its a myth that weight training has little cardio vascular benefits. If you dont believe me, try doing either of the following exercises - squats, deadlifts (with dumbbells is also fine) or a simple dumbbel snatch (where you lift a dumbbell(s) off the ground and shoulder press them. Believe me when I say this, the effects are similar to sprinting.
  2. Walking is your best friend. While im not asking you to neglect cardio, some cardio is better than others in my opinion in terms of overall effect on body and mind. At least on the weekends, indulge in 5-10 km walks. This can be in a park, or on the road itself provided you watch out for traffic. This not only brings some change to your workout schedule as compared to running /walking soulessly on a threadmill daily (not dunking on threadmills, they are beneficial as well), but also makes you look forward to the workout. Its kind of bro science but walking outdoors is good for your mental health as well.
  3. Incorporate Body Weight Exercises into your routine - You may not always have access to a gym especially if youre travelling. Doesnt meam that you can't have a agood workout during such times. Pushups, Yogic Practises  like Surya Namaskar, Free Squats are all very benefical to your body.
  4. Incorporate rope work into your scedule - Jump rope /skipping etc. is a super exercise since you burn several times the calories per minute while skipping /jumping rope than almost most other cardio exercises. So if you have a less than 15-20 minutes to workout on any day, then this is the best exercise for you.
  5. Take sufficient Rest - No use slogging it out daily if you end up getting injured. At that point, your mental game goes for a toss and you may revert to old habits. Instead, have a healthy approach to exercise and diet and take it steady (but not necessarily slow).